How IIM Topper Pramod Beri Ruled Exam Fear Taking 50+ Mock Test?

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Pramod Beri aged twenty-one is a final-year bachelor of commerce student of GGDSD College, 32nd Sector, Chandigarh, has secured 100% in the Common Admission Test 2017, positioning in the top list of twenty candidates across the nation to win the feat.

The CAT 2017 results enabled over 199,000 candidates gain admission in the country's top business schools like IIM.

Previous year's record of all males and engineers to earn one hundred percentile was succeeded by 2 females and 3 non-engineering students, with Beri being one among them.

"It is a myth commerce pupils cannot progress good in the CAT. Since the exam pattern has modified since 2 years, you can crack the exam still if you are a commerce student," he proclaimed.

"Previously, technical questions would been in the Quantitative Ability part, but presently questions are simple. One need to be fair with the fundamentals. You must concentreate extra on your reading methods, less on grammaticals. And for the logical section, you should finish puzzles, Beri recommended.

Actually from Phagwara in the state of Punjab, Beri told the number of learning hours does not matter; what concerns is what is the study about. The CAT aspirants should shortlist the study material and study only the correct parts and standard instead of quantity. "Reading newspapers each day and sporting Sudoku supported a lot in the Verbal Ability VA & Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning sections. The cat applicants must take at least 40 mock tests," told Beri, who took around sixty mock tests.

Fascinated by finance & technology, Beri spoked over his long-term plan is to have his own business.

He began studying for CAT in the month of June 2016 and concentrated on study material given by a private coaching institute in Chandigarh while being in college. It was in the month of Jan that he commenced taking the mock tests. On the mock test day, Beri simply took the test and not study extra. The succeeding day, he would recheck the test giving around 5 hours a day. "You should not load yourself. Giving the mock tests and then analysing them correctly is the rule. Analysis does you determine the key fields you should work over," said Beri, who is focusing at IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore & IIM Calcutta.

Just a week early the CAT examination in November previous year, Beri said he all of a sudden started securing very low across all the sections. "I could feel that it was exam frighten. But then I giving concentration on English in the last some days. My Quantative Ability has often been bold but when my mark started falling, I again remained to reading papers daily and assinged on it," said Beri, including the right way to rule the fear is to make hard effort. His sister had done an executive master of degree from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, so, he said, the inspiration jumped from her as well.

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